Sunrise Stake

climate-positive staking on Solana

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Offset carbon and strengthen the Solana ecosystem through staking.

Your Money,

Your Values

Trade with gSOL and create yet more climate-positive impact.



Guide funds to climate projects on Solana and elsewhere via Sunrise DAO.

How Sunrise Works

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Why does Sunrise exist?

Sunrise is a non-custodial liquid staking solution on Solana, that sends yield to climate projects.

Is it safe?

Sunrise is built on top of Marinade Finance's audited and trusted staking smart contract. An audit of Sunrise itself is coming soon.

Is this a custodial solution?

No. You remain in full control of your funds at all times. The smart contract is permissionless and open-source.

Can I stake stablecoins?

At present, Sunrise allows the staking of native SOL tokens only.

Staking of gSOL is currently not supported.

What is gSOL?

gSOL is a synthetic derivative token that matches 1:1 to SOL. This means that you can use gSOL wherever you would use SOL, if the recipient accepts it. If you have gSOL, you can trade it for SOL at any time.

Where do the funds go?

Yield earned by Sunrise is sent to climate projects, as governed by the Sunrise DAO. See here for how to get involved in the DAO.

Q1 2023

Mainnet Launch

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